Vintage poster printing for Avis Rental

Poster printing for Avis Rental car, Vancouver

A new office opened in downtown Vancouver, where the walls needed some dress up. We had a few vintage posters that we collected for Avis Rental Car.

Are you looking to add some visual interest to your newly opened office in downtown Vancouver? Vintage posters can be a fantastic way to inject some character and history into your space. Furthermore, they can serve as conversation starters for clients and customers. If you have a collection of vintage rental car advertisements from the 1960s, consider displaying them in your office to give it a unique and memorable touch.

At Avis Rental Car, we have successfully blended the old and the new in our office, creating a visually stunning and engaging space. When visitors come in for a rental, they are frequently amazed by the long history of our company and the vintage advertisements we have on display.

If you’re interested in bringing some vintage charm to your office, consider incorporating vintage posters or other nostalgic elements. This is a great way to add some personality and interest to your space. On the other hand, if you want to go for a more modern look, there are plenty of other options available as well. The key is to find what works best for your business and your personal style.

If you like to print high quality posters to decorate your office space or for advertisement.

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Avis 2 - vintage avis ads printed on premium paper-framed